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Sunday, November 04, 2007

I am here !!!

I bet you thought I left you all and say see ya, Well I am still around and sorry for not posting a new one. I have not taken any new pictures in so long I think my mind has went blank on things to say. I do want to say that I was watching this quilting show the other night before bed and she showed how to make this simple quilt, I though yeah right, simple. Well today I went to her site and what a neat place to surf to. Here is the web site http://www.quiltinaday.com/ I did not find the quilt she made on the show but I did print out a patter for a wall hanging of a dream catcher. SO if your int rested in quilt stuff, this site is for you. I bought a kit for a magnet quilt pattern, what you get is all the mete rial to make a pot holder size quilt that has a magnet in it. I ordered a light house print, since I love light houses. I was thinking Sue could make these and sell them on her Esty store, they are so cute. With shipping it was under $10.00, But I know Sue she could figure out how to make them on her own, she crafty like that.

Well not alot going on here. Work and home is about all I do anymore. Wedsday I go to Vegas to see the doctor on my knee. Wish me luck. I need it all. I took the quilt picture off of Google, so no its not mine, I wish I had that kind of time. Well Have a great week, And I will try to keep updated on my post. Love you all! :)


Sue said...

Why not open your own craft store, I see you have a Etsy account, what do you plan on doing with it? Lol I'll have to check out that site, I wish you could make a quilt in a day!

Day4plus said...

Hi Allison, that is a pretty quilt. I wish I could make a quilt, but my hands are full of thumbs. I like to take pictures though and take my camera everywhere I go. I was going down the freeway the other morning and the sun was just breaking through so I had to pull off the road and take a picture. I guess I am just crazy---but I am in good company. I, too, am glad we are friends. MB

Rose Mary said...

Hi Allison! I am glad that you are back. Like you, I haven't had much to say lately, either. Thanks so much for the link to the quilting site~I know I'll enjoy looking at it. It has been a while since I made a quilt.

You asked on my blog if I had any sugar free recipes~sorry but I don't. I do need to look into some, as my hubby's family has a lot of diabetics.


Chris said...

I read your post about knees and I had that stuff injected in my bad knee a couple of years ago. It helped for a while but eventually I had a knee replacement in June of '06. best thing I ever did. No more pain!