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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Good Morning, Good Afternon and Good Evening.

Well that sums it up for me! All here in Nevada is about the same. Not alot happens but when it does it seems to rain, not saying something has happen because it has not. I am still waiting for x-rays on my knee, for some reason I cant seem to get them done? but I am hanging in there. Today is my very dear friends Birthday! Happy Birthday Barbara.

We went to the fall Festival in Pahrump. It was ok, nothing near like the LA County Fair. We walked around looking at the booths of stuff for sale. The kids went to the carnival. It was ok. It seems to shrink each year. My weekend was spent with Kaley my granddaugther, who loves to come over to Nana's house and spend time. We picked Pomegranates, and juiced some, still have a ton to do. I think I am just going to can the juice, Since Mark can not have jelly anymore. I can not find any sugarfree jelly recipes. Well I just wanted to check in with everyone. I am still here. Thanks for you comments on my hubby and I. God is watching over us. Have a good week. Its homecoming week at school, its going to be a busy one. GO HORNETS GO!!!
Shila and Danielle coming off from a ride, Shila not feeling so well the one in the black shirt. and Kaley blowing bubbles at Nana's house.


Sue said...

That's a good pic of Kaley! No jelly, that's a sin! How about using honey? I will see what sugar free recipes I have, there's a way to do it without using sugar, just have to find it! lol

Beach Girl said...

County fairs are always such fun and bring back memories of days gone by.

Back from a break;it's good to be checking in again.


Rose Mary said...

Hi Allison, hope you are having a good week, too. I've been busy around the homeplace and haven't had much time for blogging. I love to go to county fairs, too. Ours is very small, so next year I hope to visit a couple of counties over and see what theirs are like.

Day4plus said...

Kaley looks like a girl with a great laugh. She loves here Nana thats for sure.
Got to the library and you will find many cookbooks with sugar free recipes. there are lots of cookbooks for diabetics, and they are good for all of us.
Thanks for visiting my blog, it's always nice to hear from you. MB

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Hi Allison!
It sure sounds like you have a lot going on--spending time with your family and friends!
I'll be keeping your husband in prayer--I know you'll find some good recipes in no time.
Love seeing your part of the country!
Blessings to You-Claudia O.

Beemoosie said...

Nice pictures! Glad all is well with you and yours!