Alpicks Treasures!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I hope that you can see these pictures of the woodpecker? He was way up in the tree and this was as far as my zoom would go. He has a red head, spotted body. I don't know what kind he is but the finches like to annoy him up in the tree.

Not alot going on here. Just been peeling pomegranates to juice. Hope that your weekend has been a nice one. Keeping this short and sweet for today.


howard said...

When I lived in California, every year Woodpeckers would peck on the screens covering my attic vents. I had to go outside and spook them off because they wouldn't quit. Not my favorite bird after waking me up a few times :(

Sue said...

Hey sis, that's a red headed woodpecker, the red head gave it away!! lol

Day4plus said...

Yay, I seem him, I see him.
When I was little I loved Pom egranates and persimmons but haven't had any for years though I have a pom juice mix which was good. How's the ole knees doing, Allison? Mine yell at me occasionally. Take care. MB

Rose Mary said...

I'm glad I finally got to see his picture! The pomegranates sound good~!

Beach Girl said...

Pomegranates and woodpeckers.....delicious juice and neat birds. Two blessings!