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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wood Pecker

I know when its FALL season here because this little woodpecker comes down from the mountains
every Spring and Fall. He sits up in the tree and pecks away looking for bugs. I enjoy watching him
or her as they bounce around to trees. I may have seen 2 this year, thats a first. Well my week is
going ok. Have a new blogger buddy, her blog is On The Road, started my new diet, so wish me
luck. My knee is feeling a small bit better, I have lost acouple pounds and it feels it. I am off to
Vegas Friday to show my chiropractor my xrays, see what he said I need to do. Thats about it for
my busy week. Work and Home is all I do anymore. But thats ok. I know I am in good hand and
God knows what hes doing. Well everyone have a great week and I will be checking in as much as
I can. Taa Taa for now.
It wont let me post any pictures of the woodpecker so I will add them later.


Sue said...

Don't you just hate it when blogger won't let you post a photo! I enjoy the woodpeckers too, except when they are pecking on the house! We have them year round. Are you gonna list your new blog buddie's link so we can check it out too? Let me know what the doctor says, have fun in Vegas! Love ya!!

Beach Girl said...

Well, I am looking very forward to pictures of the woodpecker!


Day4plus said...

I couldn't post some pictures yesterday and it seems like a whole lot of people couldn't. So waiting patiently for woodpecker pictures. Let me know what the Dr. says about your knee so i can take care of mine. MB

Rose Mary said...

That's Blogger for you~sometimes it won't even let me post on my blog at all.
It's lots of fun to watch the birds during the change of seasons. Woodpeckers are especially fun.