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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Happy Groundhogs Day!

HOWDY TO ALL! Enjoying your weekend I hope. I am kicking back and doing nothing while the family is away. The cat and I had a nice nap in the recliner while watching tv. What more could you want? Not alot going on here. The kids both have basketball games but I was just to tired for a road trip so I stayed home. Hubby called and said its was realy cold and windy and white everywhere, so I think I made the right choice. Who said that animals can tell what the weather will be. Did you see the groundhog saw his shadow like he does every year. 6 more weeks of being cold, runny noses, coughs. Sue tagged me over at Country Pleasures, I dont do many tags because I feel stupid on my answers. Hers has something to do with the number 4, All about the number 4. Well here it goes

1. 4 aniamls I like the most. Elk, Moose, Sheltie dogs, birds

2. 4 of my favorite foods. steak, lobster, chocolate, Ham

3. 4 of my favorite colors, Purple, Blue, Red and Silver

4. 4 places I have lived, Las Vegas, San Diego, Beatty, Dolen Springs, Arizona

5. 4 people who know me too well, Sue, Howard, Beverly, Hubby

6. 4 of the things that make me happy. Fresh Flowers, Purple Glass, Family, and all of you!

I know I probly did not do this right, so sorry. I guess thats why I dont do many of them. I will tag 4 people, If you dont do it, I understand.

Marybeth at 4 plus day, Kate at On the road, Nancy Jo, Shila . Enjoy Girls and have a great weekend.

Picture is of the ranch that gave Beatty its name, whats left of it.


Marvin said...

There isn't much of the ranch left, is there? Glad you and the cat enjoyed your "day off".

Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog.


Beemoosie said...

You deserved a day off! I go to 99% of my kids games too, but every once in a while I just have to take a rest!! Esp. in the winter. You said white stuff did you mean sand? Definately not SNOW!? right?
Your answers are not stupid...they are great. They are what make you...you! and you are a very nice person. Look at my answers a few days ago...I admitted I like elevator music! LOL!
Have a Blessed Sunday!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I see you played the game your way! LOL It's fine, you were just suspose to answer the same questions as mine and all before us! :) Glad you got a day to yourself! Hugs!!

Day4plus said...

You tagged me! I am not good at them either and don't ever do them but since you braved the storm I guess I can too.
I sure is good to have the house to yourself once in awhile. And do what you want like nap in a chair with the cat. Good for you. MB