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Monday, January 28, 2008

Stormy Weather

Hello again from Nevada. After a long weekend of working overtime it is Monday again and back to work. This weekend they had a tournament for Basketball. The middle school was playing and they were at the high school, so I was asked to work and I did all 12 hours worth. Now I know how Howard (my friend) feels. He works them all the time. I dont think I would like that to much. All weekend long it was stormy. Friday night we got some light snow, Saturday was rain and sun, Sunday was the same and Monday is real windy and cold. We do need the rain though. Not alot going on here. Laundry before work, oh boy....... Went to Pahrump yesterday and saw Shila and Kaley, Had lunch and supper with them. It was nice. We have been shopping around for pellet stove stuff. The hardware store in Pahrump had the vent pipe, but I found it for about $100 cheep er off of Ebay. I think that the hearth we are going to make. Its cheaper and I can pick out the tile I want. They are $300 - 400 on the internet, not cheap. Thats about it for me. Hope that you all have a great week. Thanks for your help with the pellet stove. Your all great!

This is looking down at Beatty on top of a mountain. Not alot to see?


Day4plus said...

Hi Allison, nice to hear from you. We had snow overnight and have maybe 3 inches of the white stuff. It will probably just go away by tomorrow.
Good luck researching your pellet stove products. MB

Rose Mary said...

Hope your storms weren't too bad. I don't like those 12 hour shifts, either. Four more hours doesn't sound like much, but it really wears you out!

I love your pellet stove. We'd like to get one if we ever add another room on to our house.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Wide open ranges! Nice view there! So glad your making your hearth, that way you can design it and pick out your colors, can't wait to see it!

Small City Scenes said...

Hey I got a new blog---check it out. I like your new header--Pronghorn?
There is a new person on the MJ forum from Stagecoach, NV> Where is that? MB

GardenGoose said...

inviting you to come join in the fun give away I'm having over on my blog. i hope you'll stop by and join in.