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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter to all of you!

Hello to all. Its been a busy day as we are cleaning out my sons room, what a mess and trashing almost everything in there. We already hauled one load to the dump and another one awaiting for us. On Friday my family and I went out in the desert and went Geocaching! I was so excited. Danielle was the one to find it and shes on crutches from getting hurt playing softball the other day so shes out from playing for awhile. But we had a blast looking in the desert and there it was out in the middle of knowhere, me playing around with the GPS I still dont really know how to use. But talking with a man that lives in Amargosa he does this all the time and has his own caches out. What a good way to enjoy the family and get out of the house.

I hope that you all have had a nice Easter and that God has blessed everyone. I am enjoying the week with Kaley, I dont go back to work until Friday so I can spend some days with her. Enjoy!

Here is Kyle holding the Geocache can with all the treasures inside! Oh What Fun!


Small City Scenes said...

Happy Easter to you too. I miss a few days so I will be making it up. You did go geocaching. Good for you guys. I want to do it too. Did you join a group or just go it alone? (besides your family) It just looks like so much fun. Tell me more.
I hope you are feeling better.
I like your new header. Keep changing them---that is great.
Talk to you later. Marybeth

Small City Scenes said...

yeah, it's me---another blog. Marybeth

Sue Neitzel said...

How exciting, what was in it? I wanna see more pics, I can't believe you didn't tell us what was in it!! What a tease!! I looked up that site and there are many in West Plains so we might do it some day too!

Beemoosie said...

Happy Easter to you too! Although it's past, I guess I should say I hope you had a happy Easter! Anyhoo...the geocacheing sounds fun, I have never heard of it before! And I hope your daughter recovers quickly!