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Friday, March 28, 2008

Another Day Geocaching!

Rhyolite cache Moon rocks, we did not find the cache
This one stumbed me, it was in a mile maker post along the road, log only no treasures.

Well hello. How are things out in blog land? All here is great. The last couple of days the family and I all went out in the desert geocaching and had a blast. Acouple of them we did not find but had fun exploring the rocks and mountains to climb around on. The weather is perfect right now but a bet a month from now it will be too hot to go climbing around looking for treasures. Sue asked me a question, she wanted to know what was in the boxes? Well some are just log where you sign your name in, some are just look at and most have ammo cans with trinkets in it, nothing expensive just junk. I did come across a geo coin which is a coin made up with a tracking number on it, you go to the site and put the tracking number in and it tells you where the coin came from, who started it and where it was last. I have to find it a new home, so the next time I am out I will be geocaching. Its alot of fun and it dont cost alot to get into, maybe some old junk laying around? and a GPS which you can find now in pawn shops or year sales and hey if I can program it in then I know you can too. Have a nice weekend.

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