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Friday, April 25, 2008


Old house at Rhyolite. It started out in Rhyolite, then moved to Beatty and now its back in Rhyolite.
Peek - a - Boo- Old mine, stay out!

Well Howdy y'all, I am in kind of a silly mood and I dont know why? Maybe because its Friday and I am off to Indian Springs to watch Danielle play some ball. I actually get to hang with the family and do family things..... j/k but since I work at night I dont get to do alot with the family. Not alot hopping here, another nice Spring day with cotton flying everywhere from the trees. We may have a home for Lucy, keep praying that he take her, she need to have some land to run around on, and other animals. Hope that your weekend is nice. No goecaching this weekend,my knee is hurting and its prom night tomorrow and I have to work tomorrow since I took today off, the price you have to pay. Sweet Dream everyone.


Sue Neitzel said...

Delete that comment from Fenridal, it's a virus! Glad you liked the header, and I love the blue template, always fun to change it around! Have a good weekend and good luck to Danielle!

Beemoosie said...

Have fun watching your daughter play. I always enjoy watching the kids do their sports, esp. when the weather is nice!!
Have a great weekend,

Nancy Jo said...

Such nice pictures. Who owns those minner cabins? can you go in them? How long since they have been used?

Small City Scenes said...

Hi Allison!! Nice pictures. You know there is much history in your area and I enjoy anything about it. MB