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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

King for a night!

Kyle with his Queen.

Danielle with her date, (my youngest!)

Yes my son was voted in as King of the prom, What a happy boy he was, he had never went to any of his dances from High school and I pushed him in going to his Senior Prom and a winner he was. The girl that took queen, he has had a crush on her since the 9th grade, what a happy pair they were. She ever paid to have her picture taken with him, how sweet. Makes this Mom want to cry....... Enjoy your week.


Small City Scenes said...

Wonderful for your son. King Kyle--tada!! Danielle looks beautiful----thats what makes moms cry. haha!! MB

Sue Neitzel said...

We'll have to call him KK from on now! lol He looks so proud, cute couple! And Danielle looks so much like Shila. Happy for both! Hugs to you! How is your knee?