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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Lazy Sunday!

Sawtooth Mountain over looking Beatty!

Hello to all and I hope that your weekend has been a good one? Mine today is a lazy one but a good one. Staying home and enjoying the family is always a plus. Yesterday Hubby and I went out in the Desert and did alittle geocaching. Yes I am hooked! I was on top of a mountain looking down. Now I am scared of heights so being up high did bother me abit. I was proud of myself for making it up as well as down with out help from Mark. I do need to invest in a pair for hiking boots if I keep it up. I think I know my limit to how high I go with me knee and all. The exercise and fresh air is great for me. We saw alot of flowers. Old Mines, Bugs of course, tiss the season. What more can I say then being out int the desert gives me a sence of peace. I love going out on the dirt roads and explore.

My friend Howard has needed my prayers. His father had an heart attack and is doing ok. I can only think of how he fills. I am thinking and praying for your Dad and you.

Enjoy your week coming up.


Small City Scenes said...

Hi Allison, good to hear from you. I am so glad you are enjoying geocaching.
Thanks for visiting my blogs, I do appreciate it. The weather is slowly getting more like Spring--rain, rain, rain. That's us---web feet and all. Marybeth

Sue Neitzel said...

Hey sis, good for you for climbing to the top, proud of you too! Gotta face your fears so you can overcome them! I'm glad your hooked on geocaching, it is good exercise and fun too, were gonna start once we get moved and settled. I too am sending Howard prayers for his Dad and a speedy recovery!

howard said...

Thanks for your prayers. He's doing fine and back home. Being 92y.o. it was a little touch and go but alls well for now.
Glad your knee is doing better to where you can get out and enjoy yourself once in awhile.

Rose Mary said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend~you deserve it! I'm glad you've found a hobby that you and your hubby both enjoy! Watch out for snakes:)