Alpicks Treasures!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Monday!

Some desert views while out caching!

Well Hello to all out there. I hope that you had a nice weekend? Spring has come to the desert, my trees are all green again, baby bunnies are running around and the desert flowers are everywhere. I hope soon that you see Spring where your at. My goecaching adventures have gotten slow, since its warming up I wont go now by myself because the snakes are waking up from there long Winter sleep. But soon I hope to be out and about hunting for another treasure. Well not alot to say for today so I will cut this one short. Enjoy your week!


Day4plus said...

mypics4Desert flowers are so bright and pretty. So unexpected. I am glad you are enjoying your geo caching. I went online to find a place around here and the last entry was 2006. So I don't know. MB

Rose Mary said...

Beautiful pictures, Allison! You be careful around those snakes!!!!


Sue Neitzel said...

Happy April Sis!! Watch out for those sneaky snakes, but don't let them keep you cooped all summer either! Pretty flowers! There are 288 geocaching treasures in WP, I think we may hunt once we get moved!

Beemoosie said...

What lovely spring flowers you all have!!! All the snow is gone here, and the Weatherman even said that we are pretty much done for the season. That's saying a lot up here!!! The daffodills and tulips are popping there leaves out of the ground, so in a week or so we should start seeing some flowers!
Will you have spring break now? We start Wednesday!