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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thankful Thursday!

In Tehachapi, California
Looking down at Death Valley National Park

Yes another Thursday is here. And to be so thankful is due to tomorrow will be Friday and a 3 day weekend on top of that. I said last Friday my post was for the birds, well really it was, That night at work I saw this road runner pacing the parking lot like he was lost of something, well I got back to work and I was walking by the front windows and here is this Roadrunner at the front Windows. Now wishing I had my camera, which I did not I opened the door to get a better look. Well I have never been that close to one and what a treat it was. He was making this strange sound and the colors on him was beautiful. I held open the front doors just to see if he would go in, and he did, snooped around and left. I am guessing he was a young one and lost his wear abouts? It made me day to see such a creature. I was always told when you see one that there is a snake near by, because that's what they eat. I did not see any snakes and that's a good thing. What things we see when we least expect it. Enjoy your weekend. Mine will be filled with much needed rest since I have this cold thing going on? One days its HOT and today its in the 70's no wonder why I am sick! Taa Taa for today. Enjoy


Howard said...

I always wondered what happend to the boat from Gilligans Island...:)

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Ha Ha Howard!! No wonder it's called Death Valley, barren! But it does have it's own beauty and so Roadrunners. We had a big one on top of the greenhouse last year, he was pretty! Never heard the theory about them and snakes, must be a Nevada thing? LOL Rest up this weekend so your short week won't drag by, try to enjoy it! Love Ya Lots!!

BikerK8 said...

hi there:
If you have been checking in on my blog you would of noticed that we were on the road for about 12 days. Of course scenery can be boring so the Gnome came into play and spiced things up some.
Hope all is well and you are behaving yourself with your knee.
Have a good weekend, I understand it is the long one for you. Ours was last weekend (I had to work on the Sat so that messed it up some)
Have a great week

Small City Scenes said...

HI Allison, glad you got three days off. RestRestRest!
How neat to see the Roadrunner up close and personal. Never seen only--only in the cartoon. Beep Beep. MB

Rose Mary said...

Beautiful pictures, Allison! Sure hope that you are feeling better and had a great weekend!