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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tehachapi, California
Tehachapi Loop

Howdy! Howdy! Howdy! Well I wish that was how I felt but I dont due my kids are sharing there sickness and now I have it. We were out of town this last weekend, we went to Bakersfield and Kyle was already sick when we left. But we had a nice weekend and did some geocaching on the way home. Boy was it hot. We were outside looking for these out in 111 degree heat. How stupid is that, but we found 7 so thats makes me feel better. There was these rocks and the hint said under some rocks, well one of the rocks were fake and it was under that one. How snicky that was and I walked by it to. Well Hope that all is ok with all of you? Enjoy your week. # day weekend coming up, yippee.........


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I was wondering if you were geocaching along the way! lol I see your HOT already, yuck! It's beautiful here, mid 70's. Glad you enjoyed your weekend get away! GET WELL SOON !

Small City Scenes said...

111 degrees---I have never even been anywhere that hot. Whew!! Sorry to hear you all are sick. GET WELL SOON!! MB

smilnsigh said...

Sorry you are still getting hit with what *should be* winter-sickness bugs, hu? :-(

Re: Your comment in Mary Beth's blog entry...

The recent moon was the May Full Flower Moon.

The New Moon is at a different time of the month. But there is a New Moon and a Full Moon, each and every month. :-)

But one of the 'Twilight' series of books, is called 'New Moon.' Perhaps that is what Mary Beth was thinking of...

'When Twilight Embraces'