Alpicks Treasures!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Anyone know what these are called?
One of my favorite animals, can you guess?

Hello to all and Happy Sunday. Not alot has been going on here besides going to Vegas 2 days in a row, yuck. If I never had to see that town again it would not hurt my feeling at all. I used to love Vegas, going shopping, eating out at a nice place, seeing a show or movie. Not any more. Vegas has gotten so big and too many people almost as bad as California. I can put California down because I was born there, Sue too. Here are acouple of more pictures from my trip. The flowers are wild that grew up in Ely and I have no clue what they are, they are very pretty and purple too. Check out Sues blog, she has a picture of her new kitchen and it look pretty. Well have a nice week and dont work to hard and stay cool.


Rose Mary said...

Hi Allison~I was born in California, too! My folks moved to AR when I was only 6 mos. old~so no memories of the place.

Are those antelope? I'm terrible at guessing:0

You always show such pretty pics. Now, I'm off to look at Sue's kitchen.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Hey sis, my guess on the flowers would be a wild foxglove but I'd need to see the foliage to be sure, pretty anyways! Antelope?

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

That is a most beautiful flower, Allison! I've never seen anything like it!
I so enjoy your pictures because they give me a glimpse of the West--and remind me of the God-given diversity and beauty that we enjoy in this wonderful country. I can understand how seeing antelope is a thrill.
I will never forget seeing them on a driving trip through the Western part of the United States when our kids were teenagers. The plants, animals, trees, and terrain were fasinating to us all.
Thanks so much for the welcome back and for sharing your wonderful pictures!
Blessings to You!
Claudia O.

Small City Scenes said...

Flora and fauna. Beautiful. I've missed a lot of days here. The flowers look like pretty striped skirts. MB