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Friday, July 18, 2008

Oh the desert! Hot and yucky!
Mines in Goldfield, Nevada

I truely dont know how you ladys work on more then 1 blog at a time. I cant even keep up with this one and MaryBeth has 3 and she posts almost everyday. My hand goes out to you all out there who have more then 1 blog.

Well hello to all of you. Thank goodness its Friday and a hot one here. The last week we have had some good rain which this desert is needing bad, my daughter is missing it all because shes in Florida but its rained there everyday since shes been there. She is at her FCCLA (Future Career Community Leaders of America) I think thats right, well she did Palamentry and Procedure and her group won Gold. This is the Nationals, remember she went in March up to Reno and I went with her. I am so proud of her and all my kids. Hard work pays off thats for sure. She flys home Sunday, I will be glad too. Kyle my son has sure missed her. He is always asking where she is. Not alot going on here. This is my first weekend to stay home on my days off and today I was tackeling the pantry today and it needed it. 3 bags of trash and now I can see my shelfs again. Its funny how fast they fill up? Tomorrow is a new day and I will see what I can clean out next, so until my next blog. Have a great weekend.


Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Congratulations to your daughter on her hard work! You must have instilled and modeled those values for her, Allison, and I can understand why you are proud of her!
Not much going on with me either, but for me, that's kind of nice--I will be busy soon enough.
I feel the same way as you about keeping up more than one blog!
Have a wonderful week and blessings to You!
Claudia O.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

That's my niece, good for her, go Danielle!! Glad you got some time at home, it always feel good when your productive at home, getting those little nagging things out of the way so you can do something else! Enjoy your time at home! Getting ready to go to Chloe's birthday party soon, can't believe she's 3 already? Love Ya!

Small City Scenes said...

Wow! I am sure you are proud of your daughter. Congrats to her.
It has been so nice here--in the low 70s, just right for me. MB
PS. I actually have 6 blogs. I do need to find a job. Nobody hiring right now. MB

Rose Mary said...

Congrats to your daughter! I know you were glad to see her come home, though! It is hot, hot here today and quite humid.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend. I'd like one 'off' for a change!