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Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Morning... Fall is in the air

Good Morning to you all. Thanks again for all who comments on my giveaway, it was alot of fun and I hope that Sue C enjoys her stuff. All is well here in the West, its Monday, kids are back in school, I go back to work nights (yuck), and the sun is shining and the birds are singing, what more could you want? well anyways. My trip was really nice, I hated to come home. All the rivers, streams and creeks through all the towns we went through was so nice. We saw deer, antelope, buffalo, elk and even a small black bear, it was my 1st one, I was so excited. Going through Yellowstone is so pretty. If you have not done that I suggest you do. Alot of the trees are growing back after the fire in 88. We were there in 89 and what a disaster seeing all the trees burnt. But you saw more animals? Where has this Summer gone to? Its hard to believe that Halloween it just around the corner. Well I wanted to say hi to you all and hope that you have a safe and happy week.
Enjoy some pictures of Wyoming. I did......


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Where's the picture of the bear? I wanna see the bear.....I saw one in Oregon, thrilling isn't it! I love the barn photo, what pretty country! You need to move there so I have a reason to go up there! lol Glad you had a nice time, did you do any geocaching?

Small City Scenes said...

Great pictures, Allison. Ueah, school again. Kylee starts High school this year. She goes back Sept.2. Thanks for visiting my blogs. You are a pal. MB