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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Welcome back? I guess I can say I took a break from blogger but not on purpose. I was looking at Sues blog over at Country Pleasures and she tagged me so I thought I would play along and do the 7 random things about me and pass it on to my other blog friends. Sorry I have been away, just not much to write about here in the desert I guess. Ok well here are my 7 things about me, some of youmay know then and others dont.

1. I am picky when loading the dishwasher that the silverware all needs to be separated and up side down.

2. I hate it when people leave the lights in like the bathroom.

3. I like to collect Beannie Babies that are bears.

4.My new hobby is geocaching, looking out in the desert for something silly? Go figure.

5. My Anniversary and my sons birthday are on the same day.

6. My favorite colors are purple and blue.

7. I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada.......

Well there you go, nothing exciting or special. Its hard to think up things about yourself.

Here are my picks to be tagged, hope you join in.

1. Rosemary @ Life in a cordwood cabin

2. Aunt Jenny @ auntjennysworld.

3. Marybeth @ day for plus

4.nancy jo @ nancy-jo

5.Claudia @ teeny tiny cabin

6.Tina @ gardengoose

Kay @ the rustic cottage

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