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Monday, December 01, 2008

Mondays Here's your Sign Day!

Welcome again to another Monday. Hope that your Thanksgiving weekend was restful, enjoyable and Thankful. As November has passed us by we can now get into the mood for the Christmas season. Most of us went put and tackled last Fridays shopping day which I did but we only stayed in Pahrump so it was not as bad. Soon eChristmas will be here weather we are ready for it or not, since I live away from shopping malls and stores I tend to start shopping in early Fall so I am not behind. The Internet this year has had some really great deals and most offer free shipping, that a plus.

Here is my signs for today sent to me by MaryBeth... Shes such a sweetie.. Thanks for these signs and yes they would look good out here in the desert. Enjoy your week everyone and take care. u


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Cute background, now you need a Christmas header too! :) Leave it to MB to find the neat signs! Good to talk to you, but sorry Wes scared you, men don't think sometimes.....Have a good week!

Catherine said...

Love your blog! We liked Beatty and almost moved there to work on the test range some years ago. A friend of my husbands named Ed Thrasher used to own what was the Outpost restaurant. The guys used to jokingly call it "the home of the Beatty Burro Burger". LOL

Thanks for entering my Giveaway.

Small City Scenes said...

Hey I recognize your header--Elk Heights area--see the elk LOL
Tsunami in the desert---well you just never know. MB

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Love the new header, Wy? I see Cate found you, small world her almost moving to Beatty! She lives in Az. just the other side of Vegas!