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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Good morning to you all. Its cold and cloudy here I am sitting home enjoying the pellet stove. Its nice to watch the fire burn. Well I was offthe the doctors today for a check up since my blood presure has been up some, this guy was a quack, he did nothing but take my blood presure. I wish I knoew where they get there doctors degrees from because I want one. He told told me to loos a few pounds and see if that helps. So I am awaiting for the blood work to come back and see what it all says. I think alot has to do with stress. No ones life is perfect and we all cant be 120/80 on our blood presure. He told me to check out this diet and its called "Dash Diet" Has anyone ever heard of that? I have never heard of that. I will try again and see what happens. Wish me luck. All is ok here in the desert. Its been warm around 70 but today took a turn for some cold weather. A nice change. Hope all is ok there.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Mine was a little high too a few months ago, so he finally talked me into going on a low dose med. so far it's worked with no side effects. Let me know! Watch your salt too, and let me know about the Dash diet too?

howard said...

try, www.dashdiet.org Doesn't sound much diffrent than common sence eating. Guess it's another way for someone to make some money. If you want the book maybe someone will send it to you for Christmas...hint hint

Small City Scenes said...

Sorry to hear about HP. No salt and lose weight is the best advice. Watch what you eat and exercise and with a custodian job you must be getting some exercise. LOL
I got more pics for you. MB