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Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday's Here's your sign day.

Good Morning to you all. Hope that your weekend was a nice one? Weather it was cold or warm, knowing that your with your family and loved ones is well worth the tempatures outside. My weekend was nice, I took a day for me on Saturday and did not do much, I did manage to get some quilting squares cut, my family are all down with the colds again and its trying to get ahold of me. Sunday I went to Pahrump with a friend of mine and to get out of the house from all the germs....... yuck...... Here is my sign for today thanks goes out to Marybeth who sends me such great signs and this one tops them all, so cute.

Thank You again MaryBeth.

Enjoy your day! And we will see you all on another day and blog. Enjoy.


Howard said...

Hey! Hey! This blog is starting to turn mean... Us poor innocent men are always getting picked on

Neonfairy said...

So do I need 2 come down there and stand over your shoulder when you type so I can correct your spelling....lol. >>>>>> LOVE YOU MOM >>>>>>>>>>>;)

Rose Mary said...

I LOVE that sign! Hope the colds are all better and you didn't get it!