Alpicks Treasures!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Welcome Back! Hope that your had a great weekend and Presidents day. My trip to Vegas was a wet one and cold. Did not see alot of picture taking opertunity but we did eat lunch at an restaurant that Sue and I were at when we were young with our parents. This place holds some fond memories to me. Sometimes you just need that "take me back in time thing" and this was it for me. After our dinner we always got a scoop of shurbert. So if you have a chance to go back in time just for a short time, do it because memories is all we have left. Have a nice week and sorry I did not get to post this yesterday we just got home too late last night to even turn the computer on.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Oh wow! I love that place, the best chips and salsa around! Tons of good memories there plus good food too! Glad you got some rain the desert should lend you some pretty photos soon. Glad you got your package finally, I was hoping you didn't have one of those digital keychains yet. Enjoy your short week!

howard said...

I'll have to try that place too. What street is it on?