Alpicks Treasures!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Its Monday Again and off to a new start of a new week. Today I am posting a sign I see along the road on the way up to Elko. I do like Nevada history so this sign is a big part of history. It amazes me how someone could ride all that way just to deliver the mail. In the heart of Winter and the heat of Summer, some true dedicated people. Hope you like this one as well as I do. My header I found while in the museum in Elko, I could not resist seeing all the bottles and some purple ones too. Ahhh what beauty! Enjoy your week. Tomorrow I am off to Pahrump to see the dentist and a doctors appointment, so I will be gone, but I will return.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I thought that shelf was in your house, a good idea for all your bottles though? Those pony express riders didn't get paid nearly enough! Great sign. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow, keeping you in positive prayers! Let me know what you find out. Hugs!!

Rose Mary said...

I love the new header, Allison!! I'm like you--I really like history and the Pony Express is a great part of it to learn about. Can you imagine how tired the horses must have been?