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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Welcome Home

My van is ready for Home
Downtown Elko

Ruby Mountains

And yes its good to be home again after a long ride home in most of it in flying snow. I was so tired when I got home. We did have a good time in Elko. Its always nice to get away but better to be home and in your own bed again. 13 kids got metals and made it to Nationals this July and it will be in Nashville. I hope they get to go but money it tight so they will try to fundraiser to get some to go. I have never seen Nashville and that was on my list of places to see. Danielle got a Silver in the parliamentary and procedure category, she too is excited about going. Alot of work ahead of her to get prepared for this trip. She should do well. So some of you out there does not know what FCCLA stands for. Here it is Family, Career and Community Leaders of America. I did not get alot of pictures while I was there, but I was lucky enough to find (1) geocache while I was there. My hubby and I went to the museum while I was there and I knew that one was placedthere so I kind of knew where about it was and sure enough it was there. The light of my day. Hope everyone had a nice week while I was gone. And that God has taken care of everyone. Enjoy these picture and I will post again tomorrow for my Here's your sign day. Taa taa

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Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I love your new look here, is that your bottle shelf, where is it? I didn't know the whole family went to Elko, I thought it was just you and Danielle? Glad you had a chance to find a cashe, was it something good? Elko has really grown up!lol So, your all heading to Nashville, what fun!