Alpicks Treasures!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mad and upset with myself is how I feel today. I went to the local museum to pick up my picture I entered in an photo contest, with hopes it might of done something, I was wrong. You see when you live in a small town and everyone know you its hard to do anything. I looked to see who all won and there was no one from Beatty even won. I thought that was kind of sad not seeing anyone from Beatty winning anything all people who dont even live here. I guess I learned my lesson when trying to do something nice for the town and the people who run it are always fighting against you. I should I know better, well here is the picture I entered. I brighten it up some and gave it more color on the one I entered. How do you think I did?


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I like it and I know how hard it is to get those critters to stand still long enough to get a shot! But don't give up, keep entering so the town knows your love of photography, sooner or later you will win. It took me a couple years entering in the fair before my photos starting to win, you just got to enter photos that no one else does or capture something different in those that do. You guys are elders of that town, don't let them make you feel that way! Love Ya!

Carol............. said...

That's a great deer shot!

I love to take photos also and know how hard it is for creatures to stand still for a good shot...(especially bees)! But I did get a great close up of one last year (out of 15 shoots! LOL). Good Luck with your pictures.

Small City Scenes said...

Beautiful shot. I will give you a blue ribbon for it.
Sorry I haven't been commenting lately but I have been peeking.

I haven't done any geocaching at all. I looked on line and there are about 200 within 5 miles of my house. I live up in the tree farm so there are many but i feel silly I guess. You will have to give me some pointers. MB