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Monday, March 23, 2009

A New Week.

Hello and how are you all on this new week? Not alot going on here but the weather, yesterday we had a sand storm and a bad one it was. You could not see where you were driving at all. The mountains were gone too. And its cold today after last week of being in the 70's were back to Winter. What is Mother Nature up to these days? Its always something. Well I am about all out of signs but since its softball season for my daughter and I was looking for stuff to post at school for there bulletin board here is a cute one, and since she has a game today which I cant go to because I have to work, this sign is for her. So everyone get out there and enjoy all the sports this Spring season. A little sunshine will do you some good. Take care.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Go Danielle! lol

howard said...

Whats that? a sand storm in the desert, no way... :) It got windy here too and got cold again. We got up in the 80's last friday.