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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Welcome and here is you sign for Monday. I am posting early because I am going out of town on Tuesday and will be home Friday sometime. My daughter is in FCCLA and this year the competitions are in Elko which is about 350+ miles North East from here. So I am leaving Tuesday morning and I am driving myself up while the others are riding the bus. I am happy to say I get to judge 2 of the events, but not the ones Danielle is on. If you remember I went to Reno last year with them. Every year is in a different spot. Maybe next year it will be closer to home. I am alittle spooked because it supposed to snow while I am there, and I don't do alot of that so it might be a long drive home.

I am posting this sign because about a week or so Marybeth posted one of a business gone out of business, which is so sad and yes you will see alot more of that happening, but the man who about owns this town after buying up almost all the business is building a new Casino and resort. The name is in Spanish so if you dont know what it says I will tell you "A Dream" He has not started building it yet just working on flatting the land out, so when you think its all down and out there are hopes. Enjoy your week. I am hoping to get some pictures, wish me luck.
ps... there are geocaches all over in Elko, but I wont have any time to find them, bummer :(


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Lookie there, a resort named after me? LOL Good to hear some building is going on and people will have jobs. A road trip, how fun, besure to take plenty of pics and just drive slow if it gets bad. Wes did real good to get us to Bolivar in a snow storm Sat. but when your stopped with 3 semi's around you and the road is snow covered, kinda hairy!

Rose Mary said...

Be careful out on those roads, Allison! I hope you have a wonderful week and get some great pictures!

Small City Scenes said...

Allison, I like the signs I will have to send you some more. OK??? Have a safe trip and good judging.

I joined a geocaching place and have my GPS and there are about a zillion caches around me--within 5 miles. We live up in the hills surrounded by 15,000 acres of tree farm so ther are many places to hid one or several. But i am all by myself and I need help so when you get home email me and tell me what to do. MB