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Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Something is hiding under this standard desert trash.
Oh My, Lookie what I found?

The entrance to the cemetery, it was not even in there.

WOW This will be my last paid holiday I will get. Last week was the worst. I was told that I have 30 days left to work and that's it. What goes through a person mind after being told something like that? My thought was "Now What will I do" Beatty does not have alot of jobs in this small town and what there is does not pay. My family has been through so much this year, I can only hope that next year is better. I was going to have knee replacement surgery in July, now I don't know what I will do, it has to be done but loosing insurance makes it worse.

I hope that everyone had a nice Memorial Day, with lots of barbeque's, family and friends, little goecaching ( that's was yesterday) of just kicked back and relaxing. Shila and Kaley surprised me today. :)

Sorry no sign for today, I am still out looking for new ones. I do have my pictures I took yesterday while hunting for the geocache at the Rhyolite Cemetery. ENJOY for NOW.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Well now wonder you couldn't find it before? That's a odd but place to hide one, but why wasn't it in the cemetary? Keep the faith, you guys survived when Mark lost his job, you'll do it again! Love ya!!

Small City Scenes said...

So you lost your job. OMG that is not a fun thing. Who will be custodian now? I AM READY TO YELL AT PEOPLE FOR YOU. Are they just going to go with only one custodian?

Try to find a bright lining. You will!! MB

I LOVE YOU said...