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Monday, June 01, 2009

Welcome to my world in a nut shell!

Welcome to a new Month of June. With Summer just around the corner and the hot weather, I wanted to take the time to say Thanks for the support from all my blog friends and family. This year for me has started off not so good. In March I had some women problems, April hubby fell from the roof and is still not 100 % back to himself, May I was told that I will be laid off, so now I don't have an income coming in or Insurance and I don't know what i am going to do with my knees getting done. I feel my life to be hopeless, now what? My pastor was preaching about not gloating over your problems. I can not stop crying let alone gloating on what happen. My whole life flushed down the toilet and he says not to gloat over it, yeah right... Well June I am hoping will be better but only time will tell. Nothing planned, no trips, and graduation just days away, I don't have the energy to sit through that and say goodbye to the kids I know so well.

My sign today is from Marybeth. She sends me such great signs, I am amazed on where she finds these. Thanks again Marybeth, your a life saver. Well to end my story, I have alot to think about, and making a list of things to cut back on my blog may be one of then. So I will update you on whats going on. Take Care and Happy June! (I Hope)


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Oh, it's not that bad, you will have unemployment coming in so that will help. Think of those who don't have that, or a house to live in and go hungry everyday. I'm sure they would trade places with you? If you allow the negative to rule your life, you will be crying for a long time! And as long as you have internet, you better keep your blog, you've really grown in your creative style since starting this. I wrote a quote the other day that applies to you "You got to be thankful for what you have, before you will be blessed with more" God does provide but he wants you to be grateful for what you have, how can he bless with you with more if you don't? Think positive, you will be ok! Listen to your big sister, I'm older than you! lol Love ya lots!!

Small City Scenes said...

Aw Allison, Things look bleak but have faith. MB