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Monday, May 04, 2009

Mondays here's your sign day.

Welcome and Good morning. Hope that you all had a great weekend? I am still tending to hubby as he slowly recovers from his fall. He went back to work today but on light duty, so no lifting for him anytime soon. I really feel for people who do not have insurance. I was in that boat alittle over 2 years ago and seeing the bills coming in from hubby accident, if I did not have insurance I would not be able to pay it off in my life time. Why do hospitals charge so much and then they say there broke? I jaw dropped when I saw the bill and that did not include the doctor, ambulance, helicopter. And the service he got while in the hospital was bad. 3 days and no sponge bath. poor guy smelt bad after we got him home. Enough on that subject. My sign for today is something I saw on a coffee cup in a fabric store in Vegas. The saying was so cute and today it fits for all the venting I am doing. My trip in Missouri was a good one besides I got sick while I was there, we still all had a nice time and did some geocaching here and there. I made one up for Sue to hide where she liked. She now had the bug of hunting to. If you have not done it, try it and see. My hunting days this year are limited since hubby is down. I hope you have a wonderful week. Be careful with what ever you do. And take the time to enjoy what GOD gave to all of us, good or bad its still something.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Cute mug! I'm feeling better, on my last day of meds and only blowing my nose half as much! lol I wish you were here for the Face book lunch too, should be fun! Glad Mark is back to work, will give him something to do and keep his mind off the pain. Have a GREAT monday! Love Ya!

Rose Mary said...

Great post, Allison. I love what the saying on the cup says. I sure hope your husband is starting to feel better. It's a shame he didn't get better care in the hospital.

I LOVE YOU said...