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Monday, June 15, 2009

Barley Creek Range
Gas Station In Tonopah, Nevada

Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening, well all is well in the Henderson House. My mission is to think positive! Things keep breaking down around here but I am keeping my head up high and smelling the clean air. Today my hubby was driving to the post office and backed into someone. No scratches on there car, but my bumper look as if he punched it real hard. I don't know where my future is going or what I will be doing for work, but I do know I have a great family and friends to help support me when my head starts to fall. GOD has plans fro me, just have to wait and see what they are. Hope that your all enjoying your almost Summer time? The weather here has been really nice and cool. We went fishing up North and it was cold and rainy, it sure did feel good. Saw some Deer and Antelope, always a pleasant sight to see. I also found acouple of signs to post to today I am sharing the one I found. Sorry I have been away. I am working 4-10's so I my pretty tired when I get home and I have my granddaugther who's almost 9 staying with me for awhile and she loves to play games. Well enjoy and have a great week.


Small City Scenes said...

Hi Allison. It's hard to believe that Kaley is almost 9. they grow up too fast.
Yeah, just keep plugging away--something good will happen. I can't even find a job out here.

Nice pictures. Giggle Springs--I like that. Well take care. MB

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Love the new look here, nice job! Great photos too! Glad your thinking positive, it'll pay off, just hang in there! Hope your car isn't too bad off? Kiss Kaley for me! Hey, where's the pics of the bedroom and bath? And did you do any geocaching on your fishing trip?

Rose Mary said...

Hi Allison, I've been away from blogging lately, too. I'm glad that you are staying positive. I know that God will provide for you! Enjoy your cool weather~it is HOT here--98-100 everyday and humid!