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Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween Everyone!

WOW can you believe that Halloween is upon us all? Where has this horrible year gone but thankful that we are close to a new year coming up. My year in review is not a pretty one and I hope to put this one behind me. I do want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween! And in Nevada we are celebrating Nevada Day. Our weekend has started off to be a busy one with Beatty day which years ago Beatty was world known for the Burro races they held which now with the animal laws they are not allowed to do that. Its a good time to hang out at the park and see people you have not seen in years or so. Enjoy your little ticks or treats and I will be back!


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I know this has not been a good year for you, but think of it as "I made it" and am stronger for it. Enjoy your Beatty day celebration, looking forward to all those pics you will be taking.

Rose Mary said...

Happy Halloween, Allison!

Small City Scenes said...

Well this year is winding down and we all know next year will be better..Don't we????
Enjoy beatty Days and keep your knee moving and smile--A LOT--and I hope you had a happy haunting day. MB

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Hello Dear Allison!
Good to catch-up and visit you again! So sorry to hear its been a tough go for you with your knee surgery! It sounds like you have been working hard and doing your best to get stronger. I will be keeping you in my prayers.
I do appreciate you taking the time to visit me and so sorry I haven't been able to keep up with Facebook. As much as I enjoy Facebook, flickr, and my blog, I only seem to have the time to choose one, and that's usually flickr, then my blog.
Blessings to you!
Claudia O.

I LOVE YOU said...


I LOVE YOU said...