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Monday, October 26, 2009


What really is a redneck? Now I know we all have an idea what it is or who it is. I was reading my facebook this morning and I see a post from Melissa, Sues daugther in law saying something about redneck and duct taping the ironing board cover on. Is that what a redneck really does or is it just a quick fix until you can go out and get another one. I dont know if thats the case but what ever works will do for me. I think we all have some of that Redneck in us, we might not always show it all the time but if you look deep enough you too will find it. All is going better over here. I am walking around the house with out the cane now, kind of scared to go out with out it, that too will take some time. I look at it as everyday is a new day. I have been busy canning alittle bit for something to do. I may not be back to normal but I am alive and well. I do ride the exercises bike for 10 minutes and go over 2 miles, not to bad. Well I wanted to check in and say HI to you all. Enjoy your week.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I agree, whatever works in the moment! lol Glad your able to do more, and 2 miles on the bike is very good! I dug out my air stepper and added it to my routine. Hugs!

Rose Mary said...

Lots of redneck running through my veins. Sometimes, duct tape is a girl's best friend, LOL!

So glad that you are walking without that cane!

Small City Scenes said...

Hi allison, well it sounds like you are slowly but surely getting better. And bored too.
Farmers in the south were first called 'redneck' by the townies because you could tell who was a farmer by the red neck he got from working out in the sun. Plowing etc. You know them town people----LOL MB