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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lookie what we found?

OK, After not being able to get into the drivers side of the jeep to drive I asked hubby if he would take me up to the spring to see if any big horn sheep were up there, with hunting in progress, I did not think we would see anything. We passed a few cars full of hunters in them, that made me sad knowing they are up there shooting something that breaths, eats. After passing them we came around a corner and sure enough here were 5 Big Horn Sheep standing in the road. Hubby stopped for me to get all the pictures my heart desired. They impress me seeing them just grazing the hill side and not really caring whats happening around them. So after a truck came at us we continued on toward the spring following them as they walked. As we got ahead of them we came up to the spring and sure enough there were 3 more getting there drink and off they went. We stopped and waited for the other 5 to come down from the ridge and sure enough they did. Hubby got about 50 feet from they as they were at the spring getting there drinks. This animal is s strong, rugged and beautiful animal. With little water around, they seem to survive the harsh desert life. Hats off to them and they made my Veterans day GREAT! We saw a total of 15 ! WOW


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I love your turkey background, so festive! What a wonderful sight to see, you'll have to get a shot of the spring sometime too so we can see what they survive on. How neat to get that close!

Beemoosie said...

Those are neat!! What great pictures Allison! I love seeing the diversity in animals & scenery we have here in the USA!!

Rose Mary said...

What beautiful creatures they are, Allison! Wow, you were so lucky to get to see them! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Small City Scenes said...

Wowee!! They look like they are posing for you. Truly lucky camera shooters. MB