Alpicks Treasures!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hubby took this picture, he knows I am allergic to bees.

Welcome Back! My last post with the pictures of the big horn sheep just amazed me so much that I want to go back up there but I know with hunting season here it would not be nice to the hunters to go up there and disturb them. I have seen Deer, Chucker and Quail there also but its been awhile since we were geocaching up there. Yes someone put one out in the middle of nowhere. My needs to get out and geocache is growing. Everyday I think soon I will be back doing those again and sure enough I get an email saying some one found one of mine. I started taking little walks around the block to help build up my legs some. Here's more of my Fall colors, my mums are growing out of control, and the stray cat we now have just loves rubbing up against them, he likes the smell of them I think. November has come and almost gone on me, with not working I don't remember what day it is, and Thanksgiving is just next week. Well I am off for now, Hope you all are having a great week. Thanks for stopping by.


Bill S. said...

I love your pictures of the mountain sheep. Especially the butts one.

Day4plus said...

Hi Allison, nice color on the pretty flowers. I am going to put off the knee business for a while but am glad you are getting around better.

I like your turkeys on your background and your header is nice too. You are getting way too clever. MB

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Hey sis, catching up at the library as my service is out due to a tower being down. Love the photos, Mark has a good eye too! Alot of people have found my cache at Galloway but I want to get out and hide another. Hope you can get up to the mountain again soon. Love Ya!