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Friday, November 20, 2009

What are you Thankful For?

So its about to be another weekend to start. It hard to believe that Thanksgiving will be next week. Not alot planned for turkey day, just a quite day at home and Marks aunt will be having supper with us, that will be a treat, she moved here in March and it will be her 1st Thanksgiving here with us. Family is something I do not have much of, My one and only aunt passed away acouple of Weeks ago and that ended it for my family now only a brother and sisters left with all there kids and grand kids. Sadly to say we are not that close so we don't see many of them. Sue is posting on facebook "What your Thankful for" and my response is GOD! he does so much and asks for little with out him in our lives nothing would be possible. You could say Family, Health, Roof over your heads, but GOD comes 1st in my book. Well I hope you all have a great weekend.


Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Amen! Allison!
Glad you are looking forward to Thanksgiving spent with your Aunt! A quiet Thanksgiving sounds wonderful to me!
Mine will be a bit busy and noisy, but that's good too. I'm usually happily exhausted, makes for good memories!-- but especially love the evening after the dinner!
Have a wonderful Holiday and Blessings to you from the Cabin!
Claudia O.

Beemoosie said...

Beautiful post,Allison! I agree, God is #1!
I hope you enjoy your day. We will be traveling to my maternal grandmother's. It will be very different this year without dad, but I do have much to be thankful for.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I agree, and I'm saving God for my last Thankful post on Thanksgiving because God is #1, without him, I wouldn't be so blessed and happy! Enjoy your Thanksgiving with Mark's aunt. It's nice he has some family close by to share! Love and miss you!Did you get the little package I sent you and Danielle?

Anonymous said...

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