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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Happy GroundHogs Day!

What does that really mean? Well to me its when they wake up this beautiful animal who is very pampered to see if it will see its shadow, they have not any idea what a shadow even is? He has his own house in the middle of town. Sadly to say the Groundhog did see his shadow which some will say that means 6 more weeks of Winter. Now I go by the calendar and its 6 weeks either way you look at it. It would be nice if such an animal could say that Winter is over, but Mother Nature know best. Enjoy whats left of your Winter as I will mine because before to long it will be 115 here in the desert and we will all be yelling wheres Winter!

Happy Tuesday Everyone.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

My groundhog slept in! lol

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Hummingbirds

Small City Scenes said...

No shadows out here on the 2nd. We don't even have groundhogs out here anyway. And why should we believe what a groundhog in Pennsylvania says anyway.
We have been having the mildest winter on record and sure has been nice. El nino!
Take care. MB