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Monday, February 08, 2010

This day 45 years ago......

What happen this day 45 year ago?

well sit down, rest up and let me tell you what!

It was James Dean's Birthday, A dozen eggs cost .53cents, It was a Monday like today. The moon was in its 1st quarter phase, And the Sound Of Music one of my Mothers favorite movies was playing in the theaters,

but that's not the only things that was happening in this country we live in,

I was born on this day.

What simple lives my parents lived in.

Too look now and see around you the mess we have all put us into.

I look back at my life to only say its been a good experience.

I hope to at least have 40 more.....

So to keep this history lesson short,

I hope that is anyone out there has the same date of Birthday,

they we take the time to say .............. Happy Birthday to ME!.

GOD Bless you and much joy your way..


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Happy birthday again sis, nice post! Always fun to see what happened on your day and I too wish for at least 40 more! Hope you had a GREAT day! Love ya!!

Rose Mary said...

Happy late birthday, Allison! Sorry I wasn't here to wish you on your special day. Sure hope it was a good one! And hope you have 45 more!

Yeah, life was more simple back then-or so it seems to us now. Sure sounds like the good old days!

Small City Scenes said...

Belated Happy Birthday to you!!

Kylee's birthday was the 10th

Yes may you at least 40 more.

Happy Valentine's day to you too.

PS you have some spammer you need to delete. MB