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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Mother Nature is playing game with us out in the desert? Why do I say this, well let me tell you. We have this storm that's slowly coming through which I don't mind because I love the rain and we don't get near enough to keep the valleys somewhat green But the last 2 days its been snowing. You think that snow is rare in Nevada which it really is not but for April it is really odd. Last weekend we went out in the desert to Geocache and it was 80 and hot and for this time of year that's normal for us. Its that time of year to put away the coats and get the tee shirts out. Today its been chilly and the wood stove is running I think its a record set that April is the oddest month my whole 30 years I have lived here. I am trying to enjoy it because I will be Hot before long. So if you have a strange April going on, please post I would like to hear your story. Enjoy the weekend coming up. GOD BLESS!

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Sue@CountryPleasures said...

It's been dry here, no rain in 2 weeks which is rare for us but we finally got some yesterday and more is in the forecast, so the garden is happy again! Enjoy the oddity of Mother Nature!