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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Goldfield Hotel
Some Building?

A Corner Building

Hello and welcome to another beautiful day out West. All is good out here and enjoying my day off from work. I wanted to share with you a trip down memories lane, well not really but I love the look of really old building and on our way home acouple weeks ago from Tonopah you have to drive through Goldfield Nevada. At its hay days it was one of the biggest towns in Nevada 1890-1900 era. A boxing match was held there with some big name (I dont remember who it was) Gold and Silver was being mined. Here is whats left when you drive through. One of the building was put into a movie which some might know and others will not called Cherry 2000 and Rhyolite was in that movie too. The Goldfield Hotel was but on a show about being haunted? Now I dont believe in that so it dont scare me but some might be afraid? If you have to travel my way and drive on Hyw 95 please take you time when slowing down to drive through, Its a big ball of history waiting for you to see. Enjoy.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Nice shots, glad to see the buildings are still there, all empty are they? I love old buildings too, runs in the family I guess! lol

Small City Scenes said...

Cool old buildings, Allison. I wish we could hear the stories they have to tell. I love local history---there is so much of it.

I am so glad you found a job.

so come and visit when you can I always enjoy hearing from you.

Neat project you have going in your yard. MB

Rose Mary said...

Great pictures, Allison. I love old buildings too. I wish more of them could be restored and the history of all of them saved. Thanks for sharing!