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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another Day in the Desert! Well for me anyways. Its been hot here and the humidity I came home too seems to be gone and I am glad. When you use Swamp Coolers to keep your house cool and there any humidity in the air it makes it HOT inside and they don't work well but they do save alot on the electric bill and that's a good thing. Its suppose to be 110 in Vegas today! Yuck I am glad I am not going to Vegas today. We are lucky that we are alittle cooler then that. Its my Sunday today and working on Ambulance stuff, so never a day off for me. Not alot happening here. Hope that you all are staying inside and keeping cool. Enjoy your day.

~~~More Pictures From My Trip~~~


Small City Scenes said...

I cannot ever imagine it that hot. we probable will be in the low 70s today---only if the fog lifts. It has been beautiful here until this morning but 70s is perfect for me. MB

joven said...

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