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Friday, July 30, 2010


Volunteer what does that really mean to a person. Yes you can volunteer at church, yes you can help out with girlscouts or boy scouts, yes you can help out with little league. but what does it really mean????? Well I can tell you what I think and it might not be what you think. Yes I have done all of these I just described. Cub and Girl scouts, Helped with little league. Church when ever I can, all that is nothing new to me. But I feel that my real time in volunteering is in a Ambulance Service. I have been doing this since 1991, eash year it gets alittle more harder due to my age, weight, health and the mandated stuff the state says we must have. Well the whole point to this is we need help in this little town and getting people to volunteer there time is like pulling nails, no one wants to do this any more. I have until Jan 2011 for fix this problem and if I do not then the county will close the doors and pull the ambulances away from here and thats so sad. What will we do when we need help? Who will we call when we need help? Only GOD knows and he knows best.

Have a great weekend. Many prayers goes out to my very best friend whos husband has cancer and its only time for him to leave us. I feel so bad for her and I cant be there when she needs me.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Maybe if you started a campaign to save the service, make and post flyers, advertise everywhere, hit up all the business owners, you never know, one of them may feel the need to sign up? Do the same with the churches, school and public service employees? Where there is a will, there is a way. Beatty can't afford to be without this life saving service. Good luck!

Small City Scenes said...

Oh My Goodness! Who will you call when you need emergency services. You guys really need it. Do what sue suggested. There goes more of your time---but it needs to be done.

I am glad you like my pics and sure go ahead and use anyone for a desktop pic.

Everything seems ok here. Ya know--same stuff just a different day.

Keep in touch. MB

Rose Mary said...

I hope you can make everyone aware of this problem for your area, Allison. That may bring out some volunteers when they realize what they will be losing.

Thanks for your encouraging words on my blog!

The Unwired Medic said...

That's a crying shame that you may lose even your vol. ambulance service when having access to ALS and a critical access hospital is supposed to be a big priority in rural EMS. Is FD vol too? How many calls per year does the service run? Where are your next closest mutual aid units? I wish you the best of luck!