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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Old West !!!

Oh how I would of loved to be in that time. Less problems in everyday live. I sit back and look how much easier life was back then.

My sister Sue is always the one who looks at things an easy way. I look at them by how can I solve something.

Friendships are a good thing to have, some of us dont have enough, I had started a diet last Jan with a girl I knew from High School but we were never really chatty to each other, Well after all of these years our friendship has grown into a blossom getting ready to bloom. I live in a small town of less then 1,000 people, No Hospital, No Market, just mini marts, No malls, closest Wal-mart is 75 miles one way. So having someone to chat with takes some of that time away and makes a happier you. Enjoy your friends. I do mine.

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Sue said...

Neat picture, keep them coming! I wouldn't say I look at things the easy way, since life isn't easy, but I do tend to look at the positive in everything, life is too short to be negative! Hugs!!