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Sunday, February 12, 2006

My Great Find !!!!

I did stumble across a true treasure not to long ago, With money put to the side for such uses, I have been trying to find information on this piece of furniture. I do know its made in England and around 1900. If anyone out there knows who the make is, I would live to know. Its very big and what a hassle it was getting it home, now I need to find room for it. Pictures don't show the real beauty.

I love antiques and there history behind them. Makes you wonder who owned such a great piece of furniture and why would they give it up? And to find it in Nevada ? Lucky for me I guess. I have to keep it well oiled so it don't dry out to much, Well if anyone know anything about this, please leave me a comment. Would love to hear from you. Happy Hunting !!!! And a great week.

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Sue said...

Just beautiful sis!! Have you checked under it for the maker, or under the drawer? There should be a name somewhere on it unless maybe it was homemade? Sometimes they would hide their trademark too? Keep looking I'm sure you'll find it. Great find!