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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Saturday !!!

As I sit here and look out the window, my mind is blank. I am glad that my week is over and Saturday is
resting time. With kids in sports, Shopping that needs to be done, cleaning the house because we cut out a wall and put in a door, you can imagine the mess. My thoughts are with my sister Sue today. She lost her Mother in Law and the services are today. Death is not an easy thing. People take it in different ways. I keep thing all inside where others let it all out. As time goes by it does get easier. Enjoy your time with each other, we cant bring them back.


howard said...

Sorry for your loss Sue, your sister is right, time heals all wounds. For myself knowing they had a fulfilled life that you could be a part of was a great comfort to me. Along with the thought that they are in a far better place than any of us could imagine.

Sue said...

Thanks Howard, and so true!!! Sis, your pics are just great, you should start entering them in contests, did you take the one of the barn in Wy? I'm using it as a screen saver, it's so pretty! Hugs!