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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


How to plan a week around, Kids in Sports, Work, Call schedules, School programs ? So much to do and not enough time to do them. They say take one day at a time, But how do we do that? With today's lifestyles, Taking one day at a time would mean that your retired and have nothing to do. I have several years before I get that lucky to say "am retired".
Soon it will be my 20th anniversary, WOW I can not believe that 20 years has flown past my eyes.
People ask me "what are you going to do for your special day" well, I have a birthday to celebrate, My son was born on the same day and he comes first. So many questions go through my head about being married for that long, and lots of my own questions the only answer I can give myself is "I don't know"! I guess not knowing how your life will be is better then knowing what's in store for me. Time flies when your having fun ...
(Yeah Right)

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Sue said...

No one knows where our path in life takes us, like the road in your pic here, we make left turns, but wish we'd made a right, but we always yeild to the way home! All we can do is follow our dreams and count our blessings! Or, play the hand that you are dealt! lol Congrats on 20 sis!!! Hugs...