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Friday, March 03, 2006

O'Ya How do you like me now?

My kind of man!!!
How I do love to lisiten to his music.
As this week comes to an end, my heart goes out to the Smith and Carlise Family as they lost a young son (Smith's) and grandson (Carlise's). I can not image what his parents are going through right now, but I hope that they know that this small town is here for them.
Peer Presure!! I dont remember much of that when I was a kid, and now that is all you here about. My youngest daugther has not said much about the death of her friend and I know she too is hurting like the rest of us.
We never really get to tell somone how we fill about them until its too late. Its a sad thing. But once somone is gone from our lives we then relize what that person ment to us.
I am off to Laughlin on Saturday. Have a Great Weekend.

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Sue said...

Your kind of man, does Mark know this?? lol So sorry to hear about the young boy that died, it's not fair when they go so young, was he ill? Keep your travels safe this weekend! Hugs to all!