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Sunday, March 26, 2006

April soon to be here!

Wow can you believe this is the last week of March? Where does the time go and how can we catch it? Its funny when you think back about things in your life and it seems like forever since that happened?

My car had to go to the doctor on Friday, and you know its not cheap anymore. $200, why cant they make cars to last forever? Then we would never need a new one. The price for a new car is bad!! I would like to think that someday I will have another new car, but I know it wont happen for awhile. I got to visit with Kaley for about 2 hours, short but nice. Makes me sad thinking about her. Well another week to start, I was reading a weather report for Death Valley and the temp for Furnace Creek today was 91, WOW the heat will be here before I know it. This weekend were off to Lake Havasu for a track meet, should be fun. Enjoy your week! :)

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Sue said...

91 already, that's too hot too soon for me!! Were suspose to get back to normal there this week, in the 60's, I"m ready!! Don't forget to turn the clocks ahead this weekend! :)