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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Hit and Miss

Once again the weather here has been off and on. As we drove home last night from Vegas we hit rain in different spots but once we made it home the stars were out the the temps were chilly. Sometimes I look at life that way "Hit and Miss" you never know what will happen next weather its good or bad.

I just got this email today from my granddaughter in California, what a way to start my day by looking at the smile on Kaleys face. What's a Nana to do without Kaley? I know she needs her Daddy too.

Signs of Spring has reached Nevada, What is brown is turning green and the trees in the riverbed and blooming. I like Fall better, Spring is a messy time for us, with the cottonwood trees blowing cotton everywhere and allergies, we tend to stay indoors. Enjoy your week!

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Sue said...

It's hit and miss here too, back to being chilly and with tomorrow being the first day of spring, we have snow in the forecast! But a childs face makes everything better, Kaley is getting so big!