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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Mr. Winter came back!!

What a way to wake up to. Yesterday it was hit and miss snow and today we woke up to 1 inch. You think that 1 inch is not that much, but for us desert rats who don't see snow to often, 1 inch is a big deal. And by noon 90% was melted away until the next good storm. Winter in Nevada is difficult to judge. One day is windy and cold, the next is tee shirt weather and then snow. Its hard to tell what mother nature has in store for us. Well have a great week.


howard said...

out at my Dads place they had 7" of snow, where I am we had about 1/2". Amazing how 40 miles can make that much diffrence. Kinda nice to see snow out here, something new to look at :)

Sue said...

Hey sis, I was wondering if you'd get snow, seen on the weather channel that Nevada had a chance. Also seen where Ariz. was to get some too, enjoy it you guys, it'll be summer before you know it!